Service Commitment

Shandong Luyitong Intelligent Electric PLC. is not only to provide customers with high - quality electrical products, but also to give them excellent services. With the user oriented purpose, we afford to provide some services, including guidance during electrical equipment installation, operation maintenance, troubleshooting, customer training and other works. Adhering to the principal of creating first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services, we arrange specific professionals responsible for every different kind of project. At the same time, we have commitments as follows:

Before the sales, we communicate with user units about detailed technical clarification, and give free technical advisory services to meet the users’ technical requirements for the product.

During the process of manufacturing, we will strictly implement ISO9001 quality managing system to guarantee punctual delivery with high quality as well as provide satisfactory products to customers.

After sales, we will perform the on-site installation and commissioning guidance according to users’ requests. During the operation of equipment, if faults occured, our company would send qualified personnels to the site to deal with this upon receipt of notice, and pursue troubleshoot and restore equipment operation as the priority principle. We will make efforts to minimize losses, so as to ensure the users’ interests.

Additionally, we provide training services to our users, which mainly consist of: to make them understand the equipment layout and its installation location; to explain the main structure and operating procedures of equipment, how to keep safe, healthy and eco-friendly during the operation; interlock, causality, emergency outages and other projects.

During the operation of product, our company applies regular visits to costumers. In this way we can quickly get feedback and reflect it to the company in time, so as to promote our later work closer to be perfect.

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