LYT Electric Carried Out the Party's Mass Line Education Practice Activities
Date:2014-04-26 Source: Luyitong Electric

On April 21st, 2014, LYT Electric Party Branch organized party members to learn about the Party's mass line education practice activities. Party branch secretary Liu Yunpeng gave a speech at first to explain the importance of the activities, and made a comprehensive plan for them. Deputy Director of Laiyang City Development Zone Management Committee, Comrade Song Chenghao, as the leader of enterprise supervision team, made a speech and gave careful guidance for the learning activities.

At the meeting, Comrade Liu Yunpeng led all the participants to seriously study “On the Mass Line - Excerpts of Important Statements”, “The Learning Documents Selected for Party's Mass Line Education Practice Activities”, “To Practice Strict Economy and Combat Waste - Excerpts of Important Statements”.

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