LYT Electric Held the “May Day” Fun Games
Date:2015-06-16 Source: Luyitong Electric

In order to strengthen the enterprise culture construction, to promote the harmonious development of enterprise, to enrich the cultural life of the staff, to strengthen the staff's health, and to improve the cohesion and solidarity of the whole staff of our company, LYT Electric held the “May Day” fun games on April 30th, 2015. Nearly 200 workers from various working procedures of production workshops participated in the fun games.

The game consisted of 7 items, which made the production workers being relaxed and happy to get'cha head in the game, fully demonstrated their spirit of solidarity and energy. The whole sports meeting venue is full of cheers, applause, chants, as well as an atmosphere of friendship and happiness.

The fun games will not only increase the mutual understanding and friendship between workers, but also allow workers to bring the spirit of unity and hard work in future to promote the development of our company, and to strive for the successful completion of the annual work objectives.

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