KYN28-12 Series
This series of products are suitable for indoor single busbar and single busbar section in power system, of three-phase AC 50Hz, 3.6~12kV rated voltage, and main busbar rated current up to 5000A. For the moment, the technical parameters are in the leading level in domestic.
Main Features

The products are metal-clad enclosed structure, which consist of enclosure and handcart. The enclosure is designed as the assembly style, adopting aluminum-zinc steel plate,using double folding process by CNC equipment. As a result, the product with high mechanical strength and good appearance has strong capacity of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. According to different applications, the handcart can be classified as circuit breaker handcart, voltage transformer handcart, metering handcart and isolation handcart, which greatly meet user’s requirements for various schemes. The handcart adopts built-in type, which increases the space of cable compartment and is convenient for the connection of several-way cables. In addition, it adopts Screw propulsion mechanism to facilitate flexible withdrawing and inserting, as well as the overhaul and maintenance of equipment. Function compartment is provided with a separate pressure relief passage, the device will automatically open to release the internal pressure when an arc fault occurs, in order to ensure the safetey of personnel and equipment. The product is designed to be air-insulated, adopting epoxy Insulation, with good water tightness and dust tightness, which can maintain insulation in special environments. The product contains the earthing switch operating mechanism interlock device with our independent intellectual property rights, which strengthens the reliability and safety of the products, and meets the “Five prevention” requirements.

Application Areas

The products have been widely used in the petrochemical, metallurgy, cement, textile, power plants, enterprises for power distribution, and for power receiving, supplying and large HV motor starting in secondary substation of power system, used as control protection and monitoring.

Other Features

With the help of computer technology, network communication technology, the product can be used for measurement (voltage, current, active power, reactive power), metering (active energy, reactive energy), protection (quick break, overcurrent, ground, reclosing, over-voltage, under voltage, unbalanced voltage, unbalanced current), control (clsoing and opening of circuit breakers and electrical equipment), recording (phase current and voltage waveform when breakdown) ,displayi (electricity, running status), communications, complete equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis (including online status monitoring, “four remotes" functions, fault recording, analysis and communication).

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