Intelligent Prefabricated Substation
This series of product is suitable for supply system of AC 50Hz, 12/0.4kv or 7.2/0.4kv rated working voltage,1250kVA and below rated capacity.
Main Features

This product is made up by HV distribution device, transformer and LV distribution device, and divided into three functional compartments: HV compartment, transformer compartment and LV compartment, with complete HV & LV rfunctions. The HV compartment primary power supply system can be arranged into ring network feeding, terminal feeding, dual power feeding,etc., and it can be equipped with HV metering elements to meet the requirements for HV measurement. The transformer compartment can choose low-loss, oil-immersed or dry type transformers, equipped with self-starting forced air cooling system and lighting system. Moreover, LV compartment can achieve power distribution, lighting, reactive power compensation, energy metering and other kinds of functions to meet the needs of the different users.

The enclosure can be metal or non-metallic structure, the top cover of which is double-layer insulatation structure to reduce the radiation from the sun; Ventilation holes are arranged around to form convection with function compartments for good air circulation and radiating purpose; the base is of profile steel structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity.

Application Areas

The product has advantages of flexible combination, easy transport and transfer, easy installation, short construction period, low operating cost, easy to enter the load center, reducing the power supply radius and improving the voltage quality of the end, etc., which is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, rail transport, urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, luxury villas, high-tech development districts, small and medium-sized factories and other places, for the use of receiving and distribution of electric energy in power supply systems.

Other Features

With the help of computer technology, network communication technology, the product can be used for measurement (voltage, current, active power, reactive power), metering (active energy, reactive energy), protection (quick break, overcurrent, ground, reclosing, over-voltage, under voltage, unbalanced voltage, unbalanced current), control (clsoing and opening of circuit breakers and electrical equipment), recording (phase current and voltage waveform when breakdown) ,displayi (electricity, running status), communications, complete equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis (including online status monitoring, “four remotes" functions, fault recording, analysis and communication). It can also run without worker’s attention as well.

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