L-GCS Series
This series is suitable for the powered supply system of AC 50Hz, 690V and below rated working voltage,and the main busbar rated current up to 4000A.
Main Features

The products adopts 8MF type open profile steel, making it easy to assembly framework, which can form protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measurement, indication and other standard cells; and a single drawer cabinet can have a maximum of 22 combinations of function untis, which gives full consideration to the need of power plants and petrochemical system and other idustries for motor centralized control. Transfer pieces have high capacity of specific heat that can reduce the additional temperature rise of connectors, cables, partitions due to temperature rise of the transition pieces. Flat arrangement of busbars gives the equipment good dynamic and thermal stability to withstand a greater impact of short-circuit current, with high dielectric strength, self-extinguishing performance, unique structure, good adaptability to busbar and other characteristics. Products can choose corresponding degree of protection according to different service environment.

Application Areas

The products are widely used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as various types of electricity users for LV power supply system, playing the role of power conversion, distribution, control, protection and monitoring for power, lighting, power distribution, motor control centers and reactive power compensation, etc.

Other Features

With the help of computer technology, network communication technology, the product can be used for measurement (voltage, current, active power, reactive power), metering (active energy, reactive energy), protection (overload, short circuit, ground, leakage), control (clsoing and opening of circuit breakers and electrical equipment), recording (phase current and voltage waveform when breakdown) ,display (electricity, running status), communications, complete equipment status online monitoring and fault diagnosis (including online status monitoring, “four remotes" functions, fault recording, analysis and communication). It can also run without worker’s attention as well.

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