Some Sales Performance of Petrochemical Division
Date:2015-06-16 Source: LYT Electric

Shanghai Global Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Hohhot 5 million tons/year Gas Fractionation Unit

Tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Sanyou 160,000 tons/year Differentiated Viscose Staple Fiber Expansion Poject

Tianjin Mo Tianmo Science Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Fengcheng Chemistry 500,000 tons of Soda Ash Project

Xi’an Northern Hui’an Chemistry Co., Ltd.

HQCEC Liaoning Branch

CNPC Hohhot Petrochemical Company 1.7 million tons /year Coal Diesel Hydrotreating Unit

Sinopec Group Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation (LPEC)

Hohhot 5 Million tons/year Refinery Expansion Renovation Project

Sinopec Group Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch

Binjiang Oil Depot Fuel Oil Transformation

SINOPEC Qilu Branch

Qilu Petrochemical Rubber Factory

SINOPEC Shijiazhuang Refinery Branch

Shijiazhuang Refinery 8 Million Tons Temporary Facilities Temporary Electricity Project

Shijiazhuang Refinery Diesel Oil Hydrogenation Project

Shi Jiazhuang Refining Oil Quality Upgrade and Crude Oil Inferior Transformation

Shijiazhuang Refinery 1 Catalytic Machine Energy Saving Transformation

Shijiazhuang Refinery1 Chemical Operating Department Overhaul Worksheets in 2012

China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Dalian Branch

CNPC Hohhot Petrochemical Company 5 million tons/year Refining Expansion and Reconstruction Project - Gasoline Jet Fuel Tank Farm and Pumping Station

CNPC Changqing Petrochemical Branch

600,000 Tons Continuous Catalytic Reforming Unit and Supporting Projects

CNPC Huadong Engineering Corporation

Hohhot Petrochemical Company 5 Million tons/year Refining Expansion and Reconstruction Two Gathering Substation

CNPC Pipeline Construction Project Manage Department

Jinzhou petrochemical Company 1.6 Million tons/year Delayed Coking Unit

CNPC Jinzhou Petrochemical Branch

1.3 Million tons/year Hydrocracking engineering Temporary Facilities

CNPC West-East Gas Pipeline Branch

West-East Gas Pipeline Village Liu Underground Gas Storage

Western Line 2 Luoyang Branch Pipeline Engineering

West-East Gas Pipeline Engineering - Gaogang, Jiangning Distribution Station

Jining Southern Section Booster Project Pizhou Station

Jiangdu-Rudong to Taixing-Furong Section Project

Jining Line Siyang Distribution Station

Yining Line 12# Valve Chamber Chuzhou Distribution Station, 28# Valve Chamber Feicheng Distribution Station, 82# Valve Chamber Zichang Distribution Station

Jining Line Baoying, Gaoyou, Taicang, Xinyi Distribution Station Renovation and Expansion Project 1

Jintan Underground Gas Storage Ground Construction Project

Jiangxi Pipe Network Project

Jining Southern Section Booster Project Tai’an Station

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