Some Sales Performance of Power Division
Date:2015-06-16 Source : LYT Electric

Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Co., Ltd.

Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group Jia Yuguan 2*350MW Self-contained Cogeneration Project 2

Shandong Gold Electricity Co., Ltd

Jincheng Industrial Zone 35KV Substation

Lijin County Electrical Power Supply Company

110KV Northern City Substation

Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company

Yaoping Substation, Shidigu Substation, Wuqi Substation, Xingping Substation

Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company Yan’an Power Supply Bureau

Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power Company Yulin Power Supply Bureau

Pingdu Zhangshe Substation

Xianning 35KV Huawen Power Transmission Station

Shandong Dongying Power Supply Company

Hekou Substation, Dongqi Substation, Dawang Substation, Xinzhen Substation

Luneng Electric Power Company

Shenzhen Shandong Nuclear Power Luoyuan Bay Project

Inner Mongolia Wuyuan Hongzhu Eco-friendly Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.

Shenhua Yili Energy Co., Ltd.

Gangue Power Plant

Huaneng Group Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Muping Wind Electricity Project

Yantai Power Plant

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