Some Projects of Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Corp.,Ltd.
Date:2015-06-16 Source : LYT Electric

Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Corp.,Ltd., as one of the 156 national key projects during the period of n “First Five Year Plan”, and the only national supply base of medium and large caliber artillery mobilization center and Gun blanks, is a conventional weapons supporting company.

We have had cooperated relations with it for many times, specifically, providing GGD low voltage distribution cabinet, KYN28A-12 armored away-mounted AC metal-enclosed switchgear and other equipment, to meet their requirements of temperature, humidity, altitude, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, etc. Moreover, our product can maintain its insulated capacity even in special environments. The high voltage equipment includes earthing switch operating mechanism interlocks with our independent intellectual property, which makes it more reliable and safer. To conclude, it is the indirect contribution that we made for our national defense and public economy constructions.

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