Shandong Xiangrui Copper Co.,ltd – Copper Rod Workshop Project
Date:2015-06-16 Source : LYT Electric

Shandong Xiangrui Copper Co., Ltd is classified as one of the key construction projects of Shandong Province, which owns the largest single copper billet production line in the world, with 320,000 tons yields of copper conductors and electrification railway overhead wires. It is one of the most advanced enterprises in copper deep processing domestically at the moment.

Our company provides LV MNS distribution cabinets to Shandong Xiangrui Copper - Copper Rod Workshop Project. The product is designed to be modular type, with a high degree of generalization and standardization, being easy to assemble, and the design is compact and reliable. Compartments are divided by flame-resistant plastic functional board with high strength to protect the elements from arcing caused by fausts, or accidents caused by the short circuit of busbar and other lines, so as to effectively strengthen its protection and safety performance. Additionally, the product can choose the corresponding degree of protection according to different service environment, so as to strengthen the stability of power system inside Shandong Xiangrui.

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